Introducing the Glossary Renewal

Created by Jay Park, Modified on Thu, 28 Dec 2023 at 06:06 PM by Jay Park

Our Glossary feature enhances the accuracy of transcription and translation for specific words. This includes domain-specific terms like brand names, acronyms, proper nouns, or words that were previously not transcribed or translated correctly by MediaCAT.

Gone are the days of manually uploading individual csv files! The new design mimics the experience of managing glossaries with spreadsheets, allowing you to edit, copy, cut, and paste with ease. Whenever you make changes to your glossary sheet, they are saved as a draft and the sheet's language badge displays a red dot. Publish those glossaries and make them available to your team members (currently read-only).

Access your glossaries in the Create Sync Task and Create Translate Task pages. Preview and select multiple glossaries to use. The source language (English) column will be extracted from each glossary for Sync, and both source and target language (English & Korean) columns will be extracted for Translate.

Please note that the MediaCAT AI model does not simply replace words. For example, applying a glossary with “hello“ in the English column and “bonjour“ in the French column does not necessarily translate every instance of “hello“ to “bonjour“. The model suggests the most probable translation considering context, and glossaries just increase the probability of the desired word or phrase appearing.

We value your feedback! If you have any questions or comments regarding this Glossary Renewal, please reach out to MediaCAT Support.

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